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Re: [eclipselink-dev] issues while running Foundation JUnit tests

Hi Tom,

I have attached my code to the bug with a description.
I think it's simply a replacement of the ANSI join with a traditional join, so you might be able to use your own DB to test the query.

I have also added attachments for some of the other issues I encountered while running the core tests (use of SEQUENCE keyword, numeric precision and BLOB/CLOB with no size specified (defaulting to a size to small on Symfoware)).

In my last runs I pass 99.37% of the core tests.
Remaining issues are mostly because of unsupported functions on Symfoware (MOD, VARDEV, GREATEST, etc.) for which I could not easily get the tests to be skipped.

I'll add comments to the issues I mentioned below with their statuses:

- test item "SimpleIndexTest use index()"
- test item "SimpleAddRemoveTest2"

Andrei is taking care of these.

- "ReadObjectTest(Employee(Dave Vadis))" (and others)
>> - "AggregateCollectionUoWTest" (and others)

Was due to Symfoware supporting TIMESTAMP values only up to second precision. Updated tests to set nanos. to 0 as done for other platforms, and now they pass.

- MultipleUnitOfWorkTest(Employee: Bob Smith) (and a few more)
  throws java.sql.SQLException with a Symfoware message complaining that
the schema is locked.

This particular test is passing now but 'ComplexMultipleUnitOfWorkTest' still fails. Maybe one of the failures before this test did not clean up properly.

- "SessionsXMLSchemaDefaultValueTest"
  Test gives error "Exception Description: The log level had the wrong
default value".

That's because I run the tests with log level "finest".

- "JoinSubclassesTest"
  Driver gives java.sql.SQLException: The ResultSet is closed

Not sure yet.

- "FullDatabaseFailureTest", "SingleConnectionFailureTest",

These now pass after implemented the ping string, but UnitOfWorkResumeOnFailureTest fails with a lock error.

-"ReadAllTest(org.eclipse.persistence.testing.models.employee.domain.Employee)" (and others)
  Test gives error "24 objects were read from the database, but
originially there were, 12."

Not sure yet. I see only 12 objects when I run the query in Symfoware's console.


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