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Re: [eclipselink-dev] suggestion: remove .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs from SVN version control

Perhaps we should add this as a discussion item for the next EclipseLink Dev meeting.

Mike Norman wrote:
I would like to discuss removing the .settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs file from SVN version control. This file holds Eclipse IDE settings for Compiler compliance and Error/Warning/Info markers for an Eclipse Project (and some other settings - too bad they are all in a single file :-( )

At issue is that there is no standard across all the Projects checked into SVN: some projects have none (a user's local settings apply) while some projects have settings that are either very
strict or very loose in terms of the warnings displayed.

I find that the warnings for projects I am working on get 'lost' in the literally hundreds of warnings displayed in the 'Problems' panel; but if I change a Project's setting, then I have a 'dirty' marker on the folder and I then spend time searching down through dozens of folders trying to see if
I have any 'real' changes to be aware of.

Until we have consensus on exact settings, I would prefer to have solely local control over warning so that I can 'turn down' some projects (plugins, tests) and 'turn up' other projects,
all without 'dirtying' a folder or forcing a check-in to SVN.

What do you all think?

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