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[eclipselink-dev] 1.2 Checkins

Several Transaction in 1.2 (trunk fixes will be ported in the next few hours)


Bugs 288188 and 288620 checked in together
- update eclipselink orm xsd and eclipselink sessions xsds to correct names
- stop writing file tempToDelete.xml in metadata processing

Reviewed by Guy Pelletier

Tested with Full Core LRG run, Full JPA Test Run

No specific test added


Bug 284519
- Fix NPE in URL Archive on AIX

Checked in user-suggested fix

tested for regression by running full JPA test suite.

Unable to run specific test because of the lack of an AIX system

Reviewed - Tom Ware reviewed user submitted fix


Bug 285702
- NullPointerException when setting a temporal parameter on a query with closed EntityManager

Reviewed by Andrei Ilitchev

Added test to EntityManagerJunitTestSuite

Tested with full JPA test run

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