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[eclipselink-dev] new eclipselink_persistence_map_1.2.xsd file

See the patch attach'd to bug 290564 (

Some new features/schema elements have been added since version 1.1.2 to the EclipseLink 'native' deployment .xml file format as described by eclipselink_persistence_map_1.1.xsd. These new features are only available in version 1.2.n and the patch above is just to document this as such
by creating the new eclipselink_persistence_map_1.2.xsd file.

The changes does not affect customer usage:
- a customer using version 1.1.n of EclipseLink will see no change in behaviour - a customer using version 1.2.n of EclipseLink can read in ver 1.1 files. Internally these will be automatically upgraded in-memory to version 1.2 Projects; thus, if the Project is written back out to a .xml file, there will be some textual differences. This is consistent with the
   upgrade behaviour going back all the way to TopLink

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