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Re: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 2.0 unfrozen

Just a minor suggestion that we may be able to minimize the time that a build is frozen in the future (to avoid build and/or test errors) by establishing a minimum commit procedure - and only checking in if the affected components' tests are 0,0

I propose we do something like the following for all transactions - which will add 30-120 min to your checkin time depending on the whether your machine is a stock P4 or a mainstream i7. 1) - verify that all core, jpa, sdo moxy (non-testing at least) projects compile in eclipse (select all and refresh)
       2)    - run trunk>ant
       3)    - run at least the LRG for the product you are affecting
                  Example for JPA 2.0 work that does not affect core
                       trunk>ant test-jpa
For core API work like in I would also run
                        trunk>ant test-core
4) "publish" results in your SVN commit comment (it will show up in Fisheye )- so developers that update can be aware that there are "expected" errors - Ideally the numbers would be 0,0
                   Test Results
                       [JPA LRG] off of SVN rev# 5188
[junit] Tests run: 1311, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 1,220.58 sec

5) be aware that to be "Absolutely" sure that your TXN is ok at least for SE testing on your specific DB and JRE - you will need to refresh a 2nd time after you commit - if there were checkins between when you refreshed and committed. Why? because SVN will only force you to do a 2nd refresh if there was a modification to something you have checked out - it will not pick up on other dependencies. (so run tests before refreshing (optional), run tests after a refresh and run tests a 2nd/3rd time after an optional 2nd update).

       Here is an example

This may add time to each checkin but it will minimize the time that other developers need to spend verifying that new failures or build errors are not due to their own changes when they do an update to the latest SVN rev#.. Test failures may still occur for cross project dependencies, unexpected errors specific to the JRE (PPC vs Intel) or DB target (oracle on dev, but mysql on the build server) and possibly the server EE tests - which usually are only run nightly on a subset of the LRG.

   thank you

Peter Krogh wrote:
Sorry for the inconvenience...
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