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[eclipselink-dev] patch for bug 290065 is ready for review --- add ant targets in jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/build.xml to make exisitng JPA tests running against Spring.

The changes are:

1. modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/ by
adding following property-value sets:
   (1). spring.jlib.dir=../../../extension.lib.external/spring
   (2). spring.jlib=spring.jar,spring-agent.jar,cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar,commons-logging.jar,xapool.jar,jotm-client.jar"
   (3). eclipselink.jpa.spring.test=../eclipselink.jpa.spring.test

2. modify
   (1) add "is.spring" condition property to
   (2) add "prepare-spring-xmls" target to prepare spring config files and persistence.xml before packaging test models
   (3) add "test-spring-srg" target to invoke running two applicable test mdoels

3. modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.spring.test/ to remove redundant spring jars

The steps to run Spring srg tests:

1. set in
2. go to jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test, invoke "ant" to build and repackage test models
3. invoke "ant test-spring-srg"


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