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[eclipselink-dev] Submitted patch for Bug 289894 - Need to merge Oracle proxy authentication tests into the JPA LRG

The patch for the bug has been submitted to the trunk at revision 5182 and 1.1.0 branch at revision 5183.

Change Summary:
1. Introduced 2 properties in trunk/jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/
## Oracle proxy authentication needs to be setup to run proxy authentication tests
# oracle.proxy.user=PAS_PROXY

2. Introduced the following condition
    <!-- This checks if the environment is ready for proxy authentication tests -->
    <condition property="is.ready.for.proxy.authentication">
            <isset property=""/>
            <contains string="${}" substring="true"/>
3. Oracle proxy authentication tests run only if property  is.ready.for.proxy.authentication is true

4. Oracle proxy authentication tests are added in targets <test-lrg>, <test-oracle> and <server-test-lrg>

Code reviewed by: Yiping Zhao

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