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[eclipselink-dev] Minutes: aug 27th EclipseLink Committer Meeting

Agenda Aug 27, 2009 
Ad Hoc 

1.2.0 M1 - (Create Branch) - TBD (8/27 latest) 
   branched - 8/26/2009 

   1.2.0 - Setup nightly testing
   JAXB tck running on nightly basis
   JPA tests failing in various WLS versions.
   Scrubbing of nightly failures

  Bugs fixed 
264516 [BUILD]: Nightly builds should only run if changes to codebase exist. 
280792 [BUILD]: need new targets in trunk/build.xml 

Other Bugs: 
264962 Transient @PersistenceContext annotated field in @Entity causes EntityManagerSetupException 
280803 JPA 2.0 Pessimistic Locking Scope 
282732 Provide option that allows "resurection" of objects to be disabled in JPA EntityManger 
282745 Add support for UnitOfWork usage within JPA EntityManager 
282868 Implement the StaticMetamodel interface 
284147 inheritance tests failed to deploy 
284877 Implement recursive ManagedType.getDeclared* algorithm to differentiate by IdentifiableType 
285599 Memory leak from IndirectList holding on RepeatableWriteUnitOfWork via ReadAllQuery 
286416 Memory leak from serverSession.lastDescriptorAccessed holding ClientSession & UOW 
287058 Build: ant trunk build fails on equinox.weaving $extensions.depend.dir properties change required 

Work allocation 
JPA 2.0 
Canonical Model Generation 
initialization code patch added to the bug 
Check in of futher functionality being added today 
Criteria API/MetaModel 
JPQL test suites copied and converted to CriteriaAPI tests 
Full testing held up on MetaModel Completion 
Debuging, fixing etc to get them running 
No word on QC 3435 
Triage of bugs 
Review submitted patches 

  Dynamic persistence

 - run in different ap servers

SDO DAS Update - Checked in SDO DAS 
Bug Status 

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