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[eclipselink-dev] Logged and suggested patch for Bug 287618: More efficient handling of Oracle LOBs

1. By default Eclipselink always uses lob locators. It's no longer necessary
(ojdbc doesn't require that, though still does).
TODO: to be on the safe side, change default for not using lob locator only in
2. Oracle10Platform overrides writeLob method without using oracle proprietary
classes (oracle.sql.Blob/Clob), therefore application server no longer required
to unwrap the "native" oracle connection to write into lob locator.
TODO: no longer unwrap native connection for lobs in Oracle10Platform.
3. Clean-up: move getConnection method from Oracle9Platform to Oracle8Platform
- it is required for unwrapping lobs (lobs defined in Oracle8Platform);
4. Clean-up: change LOBTestWrapper so that the test is always performed on the
actual platform found in the session (that may or may not be Oracle8Platform
and higher; may or may not has a flag useLobLocators set).
Still remains another constructor that allows to force useLobLocators flag into
the current platform (currently only used in oci tests).
Please send feedback.

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