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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Working on 2.0.0 M4 - promoting v20090626-r4569

Well, M4 is promoted. However, it isn't the build I'd intended. It is the build I announced though, and does test clean but doesn't contain last Friday's work.

I fixed the build area corruption this morning. However, it also appears that the machine was offline Saturday (I assume for maintenance due to larger issues it encountered Friday). This means that Saturday morning's build didn't happen as it had appeared to initially (bad math on my part). As a result, I mistakenly announced and promoted Friday morning's build.

I am currently building a "nightly" for the latest codebase. If it tests clean, I'll confer with Peter about promoting again.


Eric Gwin wrote:
It should be complete by noon, but there also appears to have been some server upset over the weekend (appears to have been some build area corruption. I'm resolving that first.

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