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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#221546 - performance

SVN Commit: Bug#221546 - performance


Some minor runtime performance improvements, and some bootstrap performance related changes.



- Fixed EJBQueryImpl to use NonSynchronizedVector for parameters.

- Improved output of QueryMonitor.

- DatabaseQuery: changed argumentTypes to List from Vector.

- Change query cache to key be query name if available.

- Added some missing overrides and optimizations to NonSynchronizedVector.

- Added NonSynchronizedProperties to avoid blocking in DatabaseLogin connecting to external connection pools.

- DatabaseAccessor: use Map for statementCache, and lazy init batch writing mechanism.

- Use index for loop instead of Iterator is a few key places to avoid extra object allocation.

- Removed white-box weaving relationship tests, as there are black-box tests for these and they are difficult to maintain.

- Change MetadataFactory to variable instead of singleton.

- Avoid parsing JDK classes methods and fields in MetadataFactory.

- Use cached project when writing ORM XML.

- Cache schema objects for ORM XML.

- Use correct class loader to load enums.


Code review: Andrei (pending)



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