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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Why need to change build path ofeclipselink.sdo.testfrom [javax.activation] to [javax.activation 1.1.0] ?

I get it. I was confused by seeing a project in the workspace named
[javax.activation] but eclipselink.sdo.test depending instead on
[javax.activation 1.1.0].

The answer seems to be this sentence from

->>Note: The above libraries will eventually be removed from our SVN
repository and only available from Orbit<<-

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1.1.0] ?

Hi Sebastien,

   Are you getting javax.activation from our SVN repository or from

   We are in the middle of a transition to use Orbit to get all the
we share with other Eclipse projects.  There is some info here:

   The projects are set up to work with the projects from Orbit.

   We have seen some issues where Eclipse itself does not pick up name
like the one above in some versions on refresh.


Sebastien Tardif wrote:
> I'm learning slowly how to compile and run tests of EclipseLink.
> I have recent code and by default, project eclipselink.sdo.test is
> complaining that the build path is not right, not finding
> [javax.activation], so I had to change the "Projects" in "Java Build
> Path" from [javax.activation] to [javax.activation 1.1.0] to get it to
> work. 
> Is it really the step needed? That doesn't sound right.
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