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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Updates to Oracle Extensions (trunk stream)

What should the directory structure of dropins director? eclipse\dropins\foundation\targets\\oracle.libs or eclipse\dropins\oracle.libs\

Tom Ware wrote:
The changes below have now been made on the trunk stream

Tom Ware wrote:
Hi All,

I have just checked in changes to our Oracle Extensions project in the 1.1 stream. (similar trunk changes will follow shortly) These changes will mean the following:

- If you are working on the Oracle Extensions project in Eclipse you will have to make a slight adjustment to your config to get the dependencies. - In Eclipse Ganymede, you will have to copy the foundation\targets\\oracle.libs to your Eclipse's dropins directory and copy all Oracle dependencies you have in your extension.lib.external directory into that oracle.libs directory - In Eclipse Galileo, you will have to copy Oracle dependencies files from your extension.lib.external directory to foundation\targets\\oracle.libs and tag them so they get excluded from SVN checkins. You will then have to add foundation\targets\ to your PDE target environment

- For people who are using the oracle extensions as a jar/bundle in OSGi, the difference is that it is now a fragment rather than a full bundle. You will have to make appropriate changes to your environment to allow that.


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