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Re: [eclipselink-dev] SVN (main) Commit: Bug#269981 - Weave attribute accessors

Hi James,

You might have forgotten to checkin newly added class PersistenceObjectAttributeAccessor. This is causing the build to fail.

James Sutherland wrote:

SVN (main) Commit: Bug#269981 - Weave attribute accessors

Design doc: <>)


- Auto-init descriptor to use weaved reflection and constructor is using field access and was weaved.

- Add get/set/new API to PersistenceObject

- Add PersistenceObjectAttributeAccessor and InstantiationPolicy

- Add generics to ClassDetails

- Weave get/set/new methods if weaving internal (default)

- Switch performance model to use field access

- Add JPA concurrency tests to test build

- Add error count to JPA concurrency tests

- Fix merge performance test setup

- Update JPA concurrency tests to use 32 connections

Code Review: Tom (pending)


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