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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Any document describing weaving details?

Hi Mitesh,

  The comments in the weaving classes are good place to start.

After that, I think the best way to understand what is happening is to use some of our weaving debug flags and a decompiler. Start with the following system properties:


  That will send the weaved classes to <path>

To isolate the different parts of weaving, you can use the following persistence unit properties. They can all be set to true or false:

eclipselink.weaving.lazy - to enable/disable weaving of lazy relationships

eclipselink.weaving.internal - to enable/disable performance features like primary key caching

eclipselink.weaving.changetracking - to enable/disable our weaving of classes to use our change tracking feature

eclipselink.weaving.fetchgroups - to enable/disable our weaving that allows fetch groups

Hopefully all that information will be helpful. If not, there is a doc here, that may provide some additional information. Unfortunately it was written prior to the time when our docs were available in Open source, so it may require approvals/edits prior to sharing it. If you need it in the end, let me know and I will see what I can do.


Mitesh Meswani wrote:
I am starting to work on Validation API integration <>. Implementing the integration methods isLoaded...() specified by Bean Validation spec would require understanding details of weaved code by EclipseLink. Do we have a document that describes these details?



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