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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 265885 --- Need to get JPA/StructConverter test model working on server and make modification to JPA/Lob model

The patch has been checked in SVN as revision 3536.

Code Review: Kevin Yuan


Yiping Zhao wrote:
This patch is for making existing JPA/StructConverter model working on server, and also changing JPA/Lob test model to test blob/clob with bigger data size (> 4k).

Change of summary:
  • modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/build/xml:
    • add server test target for StructConverter model
    • add <pathelement path="${oracle.extensions.depend.dir}/${oracle.spatial.lib}"/> to "compile.server.path" path
  • modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/weblogic.xml
    • copy sdoapi.jar to domain/lib
  • add under foundation\\src\org\eclipse\persistence\testing\tests\jpa\structconverter
  • modify under jpa\eclipselink.jpa.test\src\org\eclipse\persistence\testing\tests\jpa\lob to test blob/clob with bigger data size (> 4k)

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