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Re: [eclipselink-dev] patch for Bug-249023

Hello :

I updated the patch with the changes suggested by Andrei. (both querytimeout and pessimisticlocktimeout have been updated)

Please do take a look and let me know if any other changes are required.


Andrei Ilitchev wrote:
Some comments:
1. Don't need to process QUERY_TIMEOUT in PropertiesHandler - it does nothing in this case (neither translates nor verifies the values). Use properies directly instead. The same applies to existing property PESSIMISTIC_LOCK_TIMEOUT.
2. EntityManagerSetupImpl: the new updateQueryTimeout should be called not from predeploy but from updateServerSession. The same applies also to existing updatePessimisticLockTimeout. Currently in JSE case these properties passed to createEntityManagerFactory will be ignored, because these properties passed only to deploy method (can't pass them to predeploy because it's called in preMain).
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Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 8:44 PM
Subject: [eclipselink-dev] patch for Bug-249023

Hello :

Please do take a look at the patch for the Bug-249023.

Let me know if any changes are needed and will update the wiki once the patch is committed.


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