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[eclipselink-dev] What are the conditions needed to get 1.1.0 Milestone Builds RC2 ?

What are the conditions needed to get 1.1.0 Milestone Builds RC2 ?


RC1 was done on: Feb 04, 2009 is listing for planned EclipseLink release -> 2009-02-16


Latest code modification -> 02-20-2009 Fix for bug 259829 - TABLE_PER_CLASS with abstract classes does not work

Latest documentation modification -> 02-23-2009 Remove reference to JPA 2.0 from about.html for EclipseLink 1.1 release

From: eclipselink-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:eclipselink-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Yiping Zhao
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 4:31 PM
To: Eclipselink-Dev (E-mail)
Cc: Huyen Nguyen Directs
Subject: Re: [eclipselink-dev] Proposed patch for bug 265512 --- Need to addtest model in JPA to test Oracle Custom Features


Sorry, here is the attachment.

Yiping Zhao wrote:

A patch for the bug is available for review.


Change Summary:

- add customfeatures test model under trunk\foundation\, this model tests oracle specific features like NChar, XMLType, Store Procedure ref Cursor and Native Batch Writing in JPA, the model can run inside & outside container, for inside container, it only runs against WebLogic.

detailed changes:

  • modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/weblogic.xml :
    • add oci datasource config
    • copy xdb.jar to domain/lib
  • modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/
    • add "eclipselink.customfeatures.model", "", "oracle.xdb.lib" and "oracle.xmlparserv2.lib" properties
  • modify jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/build.xml
    • add "isWebLogic" and "" condition properties
    • add xdb..jar, xmlparserv2.jar, customfeatures model jar to classpath when running the model outside container
    • add "DB_URL" parameter for "run-test" target, because only this model needs to run against oci driver
  • add jpa/eclipselink.jpa.test/resource/eclipselink-customfeatures-model/server/persistence.xml
  • modify foundation/,
    • "package" target, "clean" target for build and cleaning customfeatures model
  • add foundation/
  • add trunk/foundation/ for invoke the model running outside container
  • add test model to trunk/foundation/
  • add tests to trunk/foundation/



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