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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Check In - MappedKeyMapContainerPolicy

This works with DirectMapMapping, AggregateCollectionMapping, OneToManyMapping, UnidirectionalOneToManyMapping and ManyToManyMapping.

For change tracking, a more accurate statement is that we do not weave for change tracking. The commit works with change sets and those change sets could be built by someone implementing change tracking in their model. We just have not added weaving support.


James Sutherland wrote:
- OneToMany
How does this work with OneToMany, or is this the JPA OneToMany/our ManyToMany?

- Change Tracking
Not supporting change tracking seems to be a sever limitation.  Is this just for AggregateCollection or if you use this for anything?  Are we not supporting change tracking, or change sets in general, i.e. are we using the old commit?

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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Check In - MappedKeyMapContainerPolicy

This patch passes the EclipseLink Core LRG, and the EclipseLink JPA LRG.
Additionally, it passes a set of CRUD tests implemented to test its

This patch is for an initial check in that allows basic CRUD functionality to

- Reading and writing of BasicMap, AggregateCollection, OneToMany,
UnidirectionalOneToMany, and ManyToMany map mappings with Direct, Aggregate or
Entity key fields through EclipseLink-proprietary API
- Converters on Direct Keys

Not done yet:
- Joining
- Batch Reading
- Private Ownership
- JPA Configuration
- new Expressions and JPQL

Will not do as part of this feature:
- History Policy
- Change Tracking
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