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[eclipselink-dev] Bug-263457 - store session queries on project

Store session queries on project:

As part of the DBWS work supporting complex PL/SQL arguments for queries, the
DBWSBuilder utility auto-generates queries and aggregate ObjectRelationalDataTypeDescriptors.
As a temporary measure, the queries have been stored on the descriptor's query-manager so that
they are marshalled to disk in the 'native' Project XML file.

However, the queries are not really 'owned' by those descriptors - these descriptors describe database
types (structs, arrays) that can be used across multiple queries or used multiple times in the same query.

The 'proper' place to store these queries is on the session. However, doing so would change the sessions.xml
format (a lot!) and be difficult. Queries are already mapped and stored in 'native' Project XML, so I'm
proposing we add an extra field 'projectQueries' to the Project class to store these 'homeless' queries, map it in
ObjectPersistenceRuntimeXMLProject and then upon session initialization and copy the projectQueries over to the
Session as session queries.

Comments, feedback?

Thanks in advance,
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