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[eclipselink-dev] Getting pathes to deleted objects in ChangeSummary: is there any easy way?

I am not sure that dev list is the right place for this question, but anyway hopefully somebody from SDO team could help me.
Scenario: there are two SDO DataGraphs A and B for same data model. DataGraph A is loaded from persistency store and DataGraph B is received from remote side.
DataGraph B contains ChangeSummary information (changes are made by remote client). It is necessary to transfer these changes from B to A on the base of ChangeSummary and persist them into store.
Problem: during implementing this transfer, I have a difficulties to find the property path for deleted objects. Deleted object themself hasn't containment property and hasn't container (they are decoupled from DataGraph). Container object is represented by modification entry in change summary, but this modification can be caused not only by deletion, but also by creation of new childs.
So I see no easy and relaible way to determine which object should be deleted from the DataGraph A. Of course it is possible to save all modified containment properties and search deleted object in all of them in DataGraph A. But it looks quite complicated and error prone.
Question: are there some ways or best practices how to programmatically determine where object was deleted in DataGraph?
Best regards,
Andrei Shakirin.

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