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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 257606 - add orm.xml validation flag property to persistence.xml

    The following patch is ready for review for bug # 257606 and will be checked in mid monday"">
        Currently we perform XML validation on orm.xml by default.  
        This fix adds the capability to enable/disable XML validation of orm.xml by the user via a new persistence.xml property "eclipselink.orm.validate.schema".
        This property will default to no-validation of orm.xml in the absence of this property when it is unset.
    Reviewed by:
        Tom Ware
- I tested 3 scenarios for each server (10.0.1 and - property is set to false, set to true and unset.
  See the 6 test results attachements to the bug
- SRG = 181,0,0
    We need to update the EclipseLink ELUG and any other wiki pages that list orm persistence.xml properties - I will raise a doc bug
    thank you

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