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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#257426 - Get LRGs working on Derby

SVN Commit: Bug#257426 - Get LRGs working on Derby


Tested our JPA and core LRGs on Derby and DB2.  Got most of the tests passing.  There are still a couple of failures, but much fewer than when started.  The remaining failures are from a update-all temp table issue in EclipseLink, and some bugs in Derby.


I added the platform result to our wiki test status page.  This would be a good place for people to add test results to platforms or tests not tested by the nightly test runs.



- Auto default UpdateAll temp table type to String if unknown.

- Switch to OraclePlatform in auto config if cannot load Oracle10Platform.

- Removed incorrect toUppercase() in order by of embeddable

- Fixed Derby platform field type defaults and toNumber function.


- Added Derby option to test browser.

- Consolidated testing checks for select for update and stored procedure


- Fixed sleep issue in legacy model.

- Fixed reserved word SECOND and BOOLEAN in Sequence, NoIdentity, Types model.

- Removed hint from custom SQL model.

- Removed comment from preventing DB2Function test from running on DB2.

- Fixed supported platforms in various tests.

- Fixed bad SQL in QueryOptions test.

- Fixed Naboo city.


- Fixed constraint name sizes in JPA table creators.

- Do not created Oracle stored procedures when not on Oracle (or MySQL...).

- Fixed XML address to mark the type as transient on the get method, not field.

- Some cleanup.

- Changed system millis id to int to avoid database truncation.


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