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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Incubation component minutes

I believe Tom's topics listed below should be clearly addressed in the Wiki page each incubation project/component maintains.

I also believe that these should incubate within trunk. It will be up to each owner to manage the state of the incubation effort when we branch. In general I would see these as remaining in trunk until they mature into the main code line.


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We also need to identify what information should be provided for each incubation 
component. (perhaps in a readme)

- What version does it work with
- Any build instructions
- Any usage documentations
- Other things?

Peter Krogh wrote:
> During todays call we discusses the incubation idea, proposed by Doug, at length.
> Some discussion points arose.
> Incubation Componant
> 	Should the incubation directory be under trunk or parrallel to trunk?
> 	How to handle 3rd party dependancies?
> 		I assume that a consumer of the incubation code would need to download the dependancy themselves, as opposed to opening CQs.
> Any others?
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