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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#251594 - query hints

SVN Commit: Bug#251594 - query hints


It also resolves several related bugs in queries.


This patch adds the following query hints:

- query-type +support all query types

- result-type (Map, Array, Value, Values)

- cursor.scrollable.result-set-type (Forward, ForwardOnly, Unknown, Reverse,

ScrollInsensitive, ScrollSensitive)

- cursor.scrollable.result-set-concurrency (ReadOnly, Updatable)

- fetch-group

- cache-usage.indirection-policy (Include, Exclude, ThrowException, Trigger)

- left-fetch


Other changes include:

- Query redirector hint take class name or class as well as instance

- Fixed convertClassNameToClasses for container policy, allows user collections

- Added ResultType support to DataReadQuery

- Simplified Direct/ValueReadQuery

- Fixed setting of fetch group to unprepare query

- Better defined ResultType for ReportQuery

- Added tests for query hints

- Added tests for modify named stored procedures, SQLResultSetMapping, cursors,

and join fetching.

- Changed Department to use lazy fetching on 1-m's

- Changed Customer to use custom collection type

- Fixed query hints to allow Map with array values

- Fixed native query result type

- Added class loader to query creation and hints so correct loader is used

- Added query creation API to JpaEntityManager, change existing API to use List

- Some cleanup


Code Review: Andrei (pending)


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