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[eclipselink-dev] fyi, Eclipse Wiki images missing, sized wrong and reverted to older versions - starting this morning

    Starting this morning some of the images (new 3-6 months) on our wiki started disappearing, some are sized wrong and others are older (6 month old) versions.
    It looks like the image database was replaced with an older version. It was working fine on saturday - It is not a proxy issue (i verified the pages on a blackberry)
    Sized wrong (and older version )
    Old version (could be because the update used a different filename)
Really old images are OK like the following
    Has anyone else uploaded new or updated images to the wiki in the last 3 months - can you verify your image - I know this happened at least once before.
    I will raise this with the webmaster so we don't have to reload all the images.
    thank you

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