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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#247022 performance

SVN Commit: Bug#247022 performance



- Improved TestBrowser support for JPA/JUnit tests, progress bar, errors,


- Removed transparent collection validation on get

- Improved CacheType comments

- Added missing EntityManager properties, validate-existence, flush-clear-cache

- Added null check in EclipseLinkException

- Optimized BasicTypeHelper

- Optimized Calendar Date conversion

- Removed executeQuery taking Vector, always use List now

- Lazy init CommitOrder in CommitManager

- Removed Session properties from PropertiesHandler, only check local

- Replaced flush-clear-cache property with variable in RepeatableUOW

- Replaced validate property with variable in UOW

- Prepare argumentFields in DatabaseQuery, avoids building every execute

- Fixed bug in EJBQueryImpl that exceptions are no longer thrown

- Optimized parameter processing in EJBQueryImpl

- Removed dead extended and propagateContext from EntityManagerImpl

- Added variables and processing of EntityManager properties in

EntityManager/FactoryImpl to process properties in factory instead of each



Code Review: Andrei

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