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[eclipselink-dev] new editing feature on Eclipse Wiki - page-level stylesheet settings

I just wanted to mention that the Eclipse Webmasters have (finally!) fixed a bug I entered against the Eclipse Wiki: - Mediawiki editing: page-level stylesheet management

The new tag is: <css> and it allows you to make changes to any of the styles that your page may use without
affecting any other page you or anyone else owns. For example, the <source> tag creates styles for the syntax-
highlighting for java, sql, xml, etc. The box drawn around these elements is 'dashed' - if you wished to change
that to (for example) 'solid':
  .source-java {border-style: solid;}

Style settings can relate to font, size, color, background and many more properties (for more info check out the
Wikipedia entry:

You need to know the name of the style, but that's not too hard to figure out.

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