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[eclipselink-dev] SVN Commit: Bug#247022 - weave clone copy policy

SVN Commit: Bug#247022 - weave clone copy policy



- Weaved

- Auto enable clone copy policy is weaved for PersistenceEntity (weaving.internal) and uses field access (method access may have property map or such).

- Added _persistence_shallowClone to PersistenceEntity interface.

- Updated XR BaseEntity to implement shallowClone.

- Fixed ObjectBuilder to null change tracking on clone.

- Fixed IndirectMap to null change tracking on copy.

- Added ObjectBuilder merge option for not requiring merging directs.

- Change MergeManager to not merge directs for new object clones when clone is used.

- Add a way to reset indirect variable (after cloning new object).

- Avoid key comparison for maps if the object is read-only.

- Fixed bug in lazy collection that new objects would not be persisted.

- Fixed CMP3Policy for nested embeddables.

- Some micro optimizations, some cleanup/comment fixes.


Code Review: Andrei (pending)


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