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1.1.0 M3 Complete. Re: [eclipselink-dev] 1.1.0 M3 building now....

M3 is out. It was fully pulished it around 9:30p Friday (download pages updated).

However, to build it I had to disable the DBWS Util tests. There wasn't time to troubleshoot the issues, and it appears to have been a complex interaction between various build targets that culminated in a strange build state that caused the test failures.

Therefore, DBWS Util is built in M3, but the tests weren't so it is available in an unknown state.

BTW- I will be working to diagnose the issue, but truly fixing the issue is likely to require cleaning up the build flow in general: - for instance the "core" code compiles 4-5 times before it is jarred (some compiles are using different variable values),
- it builds again 3-4 more times to build tests.
- then it is compiled again a few times along with the tests when the tests are run These multiple target executions seem to be what is causing "DBWS Util Test" not to find the "DBWS Util" jar during testing. It appears that "clean" is being called in such a way that it is wiping out the jar just before test execution.

I'm going to have to set some standards on how targets (and thier dependencies) are constructed, to avoid this type of repetition.


Eric Gwin wrote:

After a tempestuous morning, I think I'll make it all the way through the milestone build this time.

I had to abort the nightly in favor of the Milestone, but hopefully tonight's will be good.

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