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[eclipselink-dev] SVM Commit: Bug#249198 - Query cache does not work in JPA

SVM Commit: Bug#249198 - Query cache does not work in JPA




Summary of all changes made in patch:

- Fixed EJBQueryImpl to clone the database query only when required, to allow

the query cache to work.

- Changed deploy to log exception on failure.

- Fixed performance testing emulated driver null-pointer in date.

- Added persistence properties for flush-mode and persist-on-commit to allow

performance tuning.

- Changed JPA queries to be processed by the Session on login, instead of by

the JPA setup deploy, this allows for customization of the database queries in

a SessionCustomizer or postConnect event.

- Changed PersistenceProperties to throw an error for an invalid missing

property, instead of silently failing.

- Fixed JPA setup to process profiler property correctly.

- Added support in the UnitOfWork for bypassing discover of new objects on


- Set the name of the mapping's selection query to be the attribute name.

- Removed parse cache setting from DatabaseQuery, as no longer required.

- Added new tests for new properties.

- Changed hint tests to get query after setting hint.

- Fixed advanced property tests to actually work.  They were asserting true,

which is always true. (there was a profiler test, but it did not work)

- Added a JPA test for using a query cache.


Code review: Andrei (pending)



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