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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Re: Version Class changes and the Manifest file

Yes that does sound like a good idea.

Eric Gwin wrote:
I was working on it a bit last week and dropped it until the main issue could be resolved. Will add it to the proposal if anyone else agrees its a good idea.


Mitesh Meswani wrote:
Hi Eric,

Not directly related to the changes below but while you are changing - It would be nice to have quick ability to get version information given just eclipselink jars. It would be nice to add a main method to that would print out all the information that contains. Then some one can do "java -cp <eclipselink jars> Version" to quickly get the info.


Eric Gwin wrote:

The reason I'm writing this email, is that I'd like to verify how folks want to resolve a question about the "Implementation-Version" in the manifest, as it relates to a change I'm going to be making.

Some Background:

For those not attending the EclipseLink Dev Meeting today. I'm going to add two fields to the Version class in addition to
holding "version" and "buildNumber", I will be adding "buildType" and "buildRevision" along with get methods. The buildRevision will hold the svn revision of code that the build was generated from, and buildType will either be "SNAPSHOT", the Milestone ("M1"), or "Release".
For the most part this is just an addition, though I will be adding a bug to utilize the new fields in our exceptions.

The Question:

The manifest doesn't have multiple fields, so the issue is what should be displayed in the Manifest for local (developer) builds, Nightly Builds, Milestone Builds, and Release builds.

Currently, we generate 1.1SNAPSHOT-080926 for nightly builds and 1.1M1-080808 for milestone builds -  or ({version}{install_id}-{date}). Release Builds are manually manipulated to {version}-{date}. I want to automate all this.

I'm thinking of changing the string to be {version}{install_id}-{date}.{revision}. Where:
- "install_id" will be "" (empty) for a Release
- "revision" will default to "NotAvailable" or "NA" if svn is not found (developer builds).

What do you think?

I'd like to commit the change (and close the bugs) by Friday.


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