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[eclipselink-dev] Proposed changes to automated build - use of JDK 6

As part of my work for bug 239832 to add DBWS to the automated build, I discovered
that the EclipseLink build environment is missing some things that were previously available
in ADE. The Ant extension library 'ant-contrib' has a custom task <PropertyRegex> that
performs regular-_expression_ manipulations on Ant ${properties}.

However, Product Management does not want our build process to depend upon custom Ant
tasks written by a third-party or ourselves. I tried a number of of ways to solve the problem and
discussed this with Eric and it turns out that he has a related issue - the built-in Ant logger/listener
is not producing the output Eric requires for the automated build notifications. A custom Ant
logger task would solve this, but ...

After some investigation, we discovered that JDK 6 has a built-in _javascript_ interpreter: no
third-party or custom code is required. When used in conjunction with Ant's <scriptdef> task,
I was able to successfully build and test DBWS, and Eric will be able to create a scripted solution
to his logger/listener problem.

All <javac> targets would specify that Java5 bytecodes are to be produced, so we are not
'abandoning' existing Java5 customers.

We have discussed this with Peter and he sees no problems with this ... any issues/questions from
the rest of the Dev community?

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