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Re: [eclipselink-dev] SVN top level repository changes.

Hi Eric,

Ok, I can modify the plan and do a manual removal of the 'old' repository data components after the new repo is up and you guys confirm that everything looks normal on your end.

After 7 or the weekend sounds good to me as long as the rest of the team is ok with it.


Eric Gwin wrote:

Just a few comments on the plan.

Personally, I'd move 4 to 14 ( or at least until you can verify the new repository is up, and/or the backup is good).
I've been burned too many times by Murphy.

If the deletion is that early (at 4) only to avoid repository path conflicts, perhaps the new repository can exist at a temporary path until viability is assured.
Just a thought.

Any time after 7 EDT weekdays, and anytime on the weekend would avoid conflicts with my schedule. But if you need weekday times, I'm flexible and can work out of repository for a day or two.


Webmaster(Matt Ward) wrote:
Hello Eclipselink team,

Currently uses an SVN layout of one top level repository (eg: /svnroot/rt ) and all sub-projects have their own directories within the repository. Due to changes occurring in the technology repository that involve migrating some projects into RT and other repositories this layout is no longer feasible. As such we have decided to move to a one repository per project model, and since you are currently the only project in the RT repository we plan to start by moving your project to ease the transition of other projects into the RT domain. So I'd like to move your repository by Sunday July 27th at the latest, the move should take about 3 hours and in the end should be completely transparent to you. Here is the move plan that I intend to use after testing it this week:

1) Set repository as read only by altering conf/authz and changing @eclipselink-dev = rw to @eclipselink-dev = r 2) Dump repository -> svnadmin dump /home/data/svn/rt > /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump 3) Archive existing repository -> cp -rp /home/data/svn/rt /home/data/svn/rt.backup
4) Delete current repository -> rm -rf /home/data/svn/rt
5) Create new repo -> mkdir /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence; svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs
6) Copy original config files and edit authz to set path to /
7) Correct permissions -> /home/data/svn/setup /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence jeff rt-dev 8) Edit dump file to remove leading org.eclipse.persistence directory, remove path from the Node & copy path entries: sed -i 's/path: org.eclipse.persistence[\/]*/path: /g' /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump 9) Load dump file -> svnadmin load /home/data/svn/rt/org.eclipse.persistence < /home/local/data/svn/svn.dump
10) Set ACLS for HTTPS access
11) Edit viewvc configs
12) Re-enable write on repository: @eclipselink = r -> @eclipselink=rw
13) Edit apache dav settings, reload apache

So the question becomes when in the next week can we arrange this?


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