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[eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink Development Meeting Minutes - June 26, 2008

Minutes: David Twelves

26 June 2008 Minutes

Krogh Peter;
Twelves David;
Doughan Blaise;
Pelletier Guy;
Yorke Gordon;
Ware Tom;
Smith Shaun;
Clarke Doug;
Rekadze Liza;


1.0 Release
13 bugs remain targetted for 1.0 release.  2 unassigned - will be triaged in
bug council.

Graduation review held, June 26.  No issues raised, waiting on final
acknowledgement so we can move out of incubation phase.

Officially now in showstopper mode for EclipseLink1.0.  Aside from targetted
1.0 bugs, all new bugs now need to be approved for this release.

1.0 M10 Milestone
Milestone release date: June 26.

This is now available for download:

Some regressions experienced with this milestone, that are being worked on.
Note that new schema validation was not switched on for this milestone.

Action item: Blaise to open bugs to track SDO, JAXB regressions.

1.0 M11 Milestone
Plan to branch July 2nd for M11 milestone.  This branch will be used as the
1.0 release branch.

Proposed branching strategy:-

A tag will be created on the 1.0 branch for the EclipseLink 1.0 release.
Subsequent to that, the 1.0 branch will be used for EclipseLink 1.0.1
development, which is expected to be mostly bug fixes.

That will immediately free up the "trunk" branch for feature development
targetted for EclipseLink 1.1.  (eg. JPA2.0 features, SDO2.1.1)

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