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[eclipselink-dev] SVN: Commit Bug#225621 Server Platform Unwrapping Support

SVN: Commit Bug#225621 Server Platform Unwrapping Support



Code Review: Andrei (pending)



- Added WLS and WAS ServerPlatform unwrap methods using reflection.

- Added support to DatabaseCall, DatabaseQuery and ClassDescriptor to have the call execute on an unwrapped connection.

- Changed RefMapping, ArrayMapping, StructureMapping, AbstractDirectMapping(type=Struct) initialize to require the descriptor to unwrap calls.

- Changed LobWriter to execute an unwrapping call.

- Changed UnwrappedTests wrapper Connection to also wrap ResultSet, Lobs, Refs, Structs.

- Added unwrapping tests for JGeometery and TIMESTAMP.

- Added unwrapping tests for XMLType to Oracle build script oci run.

- Updated package-renamer properties to include a few missed renames (tested package renamer on MAIN tltest)


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