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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for Bug 237968 - Discovery service lost in an RMI cluster after startup if an error occurs

The following fix for 237968 has been checked in, and was previously reviewed.
(A patch file has also been uploaded to this bug)


RMITransportManager >> createConnectionFromJNDI and createConnectionFromRegistry do not catch a potential exception thrown when handling any exceptions that can occur connecting back to a peer who has sent an announcement. Since this path is invoked from the DiscoveryManager, this unhandled exception causes the DiscoveryManager to hang.


The fix was to implement a try catch block around the calls to rcm.handleException and then log a debug message if an exception occurred trying to obtain a remote connection to the passed URL from the peer. Null is returned as a result and no connection to the peer is added.

Code Review:

Not Required (previously reviewed by Tom Ware)


LRG + All RCM tests in Non-LRG (A-OK)

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