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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 235484 - EclipseLink is holding onto old unit of work

The following fix for 235484 has been checked in, and was previously reviewed.
(A patch file has also been uploaded to this bug)


EclipseLink was holding onto UnitOfWork instances because Call objects due for caching were being placed into the DescriptorQueryManager's cache without being cloned and having their session reference nulled. This resulted in a memory leak.

Resolved problem by cloning calls to cache and setting their session to null before actually placing them in the cache. Additionally, they are then cloned when retrieved and set on an ExpressionQueryMechanism.

Testing adds another test: CachedUpdateCallsQueryClearTest (see uploaded patch)
to the QueryFrameworkTestSuite of FeatureTestModel.

Code Review:

Not Required (previously reviewed by Gordon Yorke, with input from James Sutherland. Additional fix input from Chris Delahunt and Andrei Ilitchev)


LRG + New Test (A-OK)

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