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[eclipselink-dev] Naming conventions for EclipseLink schemas ...

As part of the work for bugs 236064 and 236711, I have been trying to figure out a
simple and consistent naming convention for EclipseLink's schemas.

 - rename the EclipseLink native deployment XML schema to eclipselink_persistence_map_1.0.xsd
 - rename the EclipseLink sessions XML schema to eclipselink_sessions_1.0.xsd
 - remove mention of Oracle in the namespace for native deployment XML:
---    (revision 1661)
+++    (working copy)
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@
     public static final String ECLIPSELINK_PREFIX =
     public static final String ECLIPSELINK_NAMESPACE =
-        "";

In (the renamed) eclipselink_persistence_map_1.0.xsd file, the namespace is declared as
<!-- Eclipse Persistence Service Project :: Map Schema file for ORM/OXM/EIS -->
<xsd:schema targetNamespace=""

I discussed this with Blaise - it is common practice to make your namespace URI match up to an actual
URL so that people can download your schemas. The website "" doesn't exist,
nor do I think the Eclipse Foundation would want us to 'take over' something like that all by ourselves.

PeterK mentioned that we have complete control of everything under "",
so how about:

  native deployment XML schema namespace : ""
  new EclipseLink ORM XML schema namespace : ""

The schema document itself has version information in the name eclipselink_persistence_map_1.0.xsd,
 eclipselink_orm_1_0.xsd, etc) so I don't think we need a version number in the namespace URI.

Note 1: the changes are not backwards compatible so once they are 'set' for the 1.0 Release, we will have to live with
them for a long time!

Note 2: once these changes get checked in, old 'legacy' files will no longer work since by default schema validation is
turned on. I can scan the SVN repository for any and all files, but it is unlikely that every place will be found on the
first pass - failures will point the way to where things were missed.

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