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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Use of Require-Bundle in EclipseLink OSGI bundles

Created bug

>I'm surprised that "system.bundle" is not available in Felix. It's a spec defined name that should be available in all implementations. The bundle is indeed not available in Felix buy that symbolic name. I did some more reading and I think this is a bug in Felix.
BTW, I am curious why do we have a dependency in system.bundle?


Shaun Smith wrote:
Hi Mitesh,

   Can you enter a bug for this?

I'm surprised that "system.bundle" is not available in Felix. It's a spec defined name that should be available in all implementations.


Mitesh Meswani wrote:
Current EclipseLink OSGI bundles use Require-Bundle Manifest entries. Following are the entries by bundle.

>From org.eclipse.persisetnce.core.jar

Require-Bundle: javax.activation;resolution:=optional,javax.mail;resol ution:=optional,org.eclipse.persistence.antlr;resolution:=optional,or g.eclipse.persistence.asm;resolution:=optional,javax.ejb;resolution:= optional,javax.jms;resolution:=optional,javax.resource;resolution:=op tional,javax.transaction;resolution:=optional,;resolu

>From org.eclipse.persisetnce.jpa.jar

Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.persistence.core;visibility:=reexport,syst em.bundle,javax.persistence;bundle-version="1.99.0";visibility:=reexp


Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.persistence.core;visibility:=reexport,java

It is not good practice to use Require-Bundle. The bundles that referred above are not guaranteed to be available in all the environment that EclipseLink runs in. For example (i) system.bundle is not available under Felix. (ii) Various javax.* bundles above are not available under GlassFish. However, the packages that we want to import from those bundles are available under these environment. Using Import-Package instead is a better practice. See [1] and OSGI R4 Spec version 3.13.3 for more details.

We should switch to using Import-Package.


[1], slide 14
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