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[eclipselink-dev] FW: EclipseLink Dev Meeting minutes 20080604

Minutes are preceeded by >
Minutes by Michael O.

04 June 2008 Minutes
 Krogh Peter;
 Twelves David;
 Doughan Blaise;
 Pelletier Guy;
 O'Brien Michael;
 Ware Tom;
 Smith Shaun;
 Meswani Mitesh;
 Striffler Roger;
 Clarke Doug;
 Hauge Neil;
 Norman Michael;
 Dube Jacques-antoine;

>DONE (Peter) Action: Doug to create Target for M9
>Action: Peter to send out process for formalizing how features are tagged to milestones

== Agenda June 4 2008 ==

[ 2PM EST, Wednesday June 4, 2008]

<b>Dial In Info: </b> 1-888-967-2253, Conf ID/Password: 486546/486546

=== Status updates ===
* Bug Updates:
** [ Bug Queries and other useful links]
** Open for 1.0: 56
** 23 Opened this week.
** 29 closed this week - good job

* Bug DB usage
** If you are working on a bug, assign it to yourself.
*** add dummy inbox to the cc list.
** Set the target milestone to the correct milestone.
*** Confusion/concern on this part
*** Milestones
**** 1.0M9 are bugs that are to be fixed by the the corresponding milestone build.
**** 1.0 is a bug that is to be fixed by 1.0, but has no current target milestone.
**** 1.0.1 new bugs should be filed against this target
* Bug council
** Introduce notion of Bug council
** Wed 2:30pm
*** Untargeted bugs are going to be reviewed by bug council on a weekly basis (current proposed time is directly after weekly status meeting (2:30 ET on Wednesdays).
**** A milestone will be set - or set to future
**** Bug may get assigned
*** When you enter a new bug, leaving it untargeted means that the bug council will review to decide which release it is targeted for.
*** If you know which milestone the bug will be fixed in, assign it accordingly.
*** The new target - future - is for bugs that don't have a target yet.
>Tom: How to know if bug is targetted by customers
>We will look at new bugs that are entered instead of untargetted bugs
>30 bugs will be reviewed today
>All bugs should be targetted or unassigned

* Runtime Project
** Move EclipseLink to runtime project.
** Keep history except for newsgroups.
** Target right after M8
>Doug: are repository will move, builds will break
>best case scenario - check in everything in before move, or copy changes to new build
>Will try to do on a friday, over the weekend
>M8 will be available during the move
>Tom: We should publish the date of the move ahead of time - for Users downloading M*

* Community
** Eric Gwin
*** New committer!  Thanks for voting
>Eric will have access to the build servers

* Code headers
** Ensure Header is dual license EDL + EPL
*** Found and fxed some build xml files.
** Ensure contributor is correct - new code should have code author (no - intial code from oracle)
*** Found and fxed some build xml files.
>Everyone verify their headers

==== 1.0M8 ====
* Milestone release Date - June 4 2008 Final functionality freeze
* 2 Open bugs - please review (1 doc, 1 orm)
* 61 fixed
>Peter to send out process for formalizing how features are tagged to milestones
* Foundation and JPA Status
** Deployment XML rework
*** Bug to merge xml working - clean-up started
* OSGi - Tom
>Tom: OSGI has not advanced - working on customer issues
>Equinox - making equinox extensions pluggable - there will be an equinox fragment project
>This fragement will not go in the eclipselink.jar
>Weaving on felix - future work

** Wiki - 
** PDE Projects available, eclipselink plugins in maven and jar containing all plug-ins available for download
** Dynamic weaving in Equinox work underway
** Initial planning for testing underway
** Discussion
*** Packaging convention for dependancies (i.e. the projects we depend on that are not from Orbit)
**** Do we want a src and bin/classes directory
**** Should classes just exist at the base of the project (what about the jar we eventually create)
**** How should we name the jars we create
* Workbench
>Neil: Finished up feature: XML Descriptors bug on mon
>Working on 1.0 bugs 3-4

** Tested XML and EIS mapping functionality.
**  Able to open of toplink mapping workbench 10.1.3 projects
** Corrected the issue with Cache Synchronization (replaced functionality erroneously removed)
* MOXy, JAXB, SDO - Blaise D
>SDO Bug fixing including WS bugs
>Finalizing annotation bugs for JAXB

* DBWS - Mike N
>Mike: A few blocker bugs for shared use cases with MOXy (binary attachements)
>Missing descriptor listener bug is holding up work - have an approach for the fix

* Build System
>Building M8 right now

* Documentation Status - Rick S
** Complete [[EclipseLink/UserGuide|User's Guide]] available. Minor/final cleanup remaining, as needed.
>Opened a series of dev bugs yesterday
>working on 3 others
Bug Triage 1
>3 doc bugs need Milestone - not done

Changes to Bugzilla Done
220389 -> 1.1
222244 -> 1.0  peter.krogh
232564 -> 1.0  not assigned
232568 -> 1.0  not assigned
235428 -> 1.0.1 not assigned  (embeddable is an inner class to your persistence context) - must be top level
235484 -> 1.0  peter.krogh
235635 -> leave no target - possibly resolved by xml merging m7->m8
235640 -> possilby fixed already
214523 -> 1.0.1 
  Require similar bugs for SRG for MOXy, SDO,..
232975 -> 1.0 Guy, untargeted to discuss mapped superclass using generics - working in H
235340 -> 1.0 non assigned - mailing list (eclipselink does this already outside of JPA - converter is not being used)
235431 -> 1.0 (tck for 2.1.1) - a goal of the 1.0 release

>assigned bugs
>Everyone has until next bug council to modify these


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