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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Support MySQL51 User Functions

The thing I am concerned about is providing a MySQL 5.1 platform without doing all the work to ensure it works as well on MySQL 5.1 as possible. Perhaps the best move is to resolve bug 211249 at the same time as suggested by James and then ensure the tests are run on all the MySQL versions we certify.

Edwin Tang can probably provide some guidance about the tests.


Mike Norman wrote:
Tom Ware wrote:
Some comments:
- We should run all the available MySQL compatible testing
- Do we know if MySQL 5 is closer to MySQL 5.1 or MySQL 4?
- Have you done a complete analysis of the platform and the available functionality, or is this a fix for just one issue you happen to have noticed?

Mike Norman wrote:
> I have created a new database platform in order to support User > Functions for MySQL 5.1. > All that was required was surrounding '{ }' brackets and a slightly > different order for the CALL clause
 - Where do I find the MySQL compatible test suite?
- I intended it to be the '5.1' platform because User Functions - which have been around since MySQL 4 - have only been available via the MySQL connector/J JDBC driver since 5.1
 - this is just for User Functions

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