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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Support MySQL51 User Functions

Would be good to resolve,


at the same time, by not creating a subclass, just renaming the platform to MySQLPlatform, as we generally do not put the version name in platforms (Oracle JDBC platforms are different as they have compile dependencies), and the current MySQL4Platform already has MySQL5 functionality in it.



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I have created a new database platform in order to support User Functions for MySQL 5.1.
All that was required was surrounding '
{ }' brackets and a slightly different order for the CALL clause:

public class MySQL51Platform extends MySQL4Platform {
    public boolean supportsStoredFunctions() {
        return true;
    public String buildProcedureCallString(StoredProcedureCall call, AbstractSession session) {
        return "{ " + super.buildProcedureCallString(call, session);

    public String getFunctionCallHeader() {
        return "? " + getAssignmentString() + getProcedureCallHeader();
            // different order -  CALL clause ^^^ comes AFTER assignment operator
    public String getProcedureCallTail() {
        return " }"; // case-sensitive

I have a DBWS test case working, but some more extensive testing is likely required. Any problem checking
this in for M8?

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