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[eclipselink-dev] Fix to bug 221577 checked in

checked in fix for bug 221577 - "EclipseLink JPA should not restrict collections to List, Map, & Set"

Reviewd by Guy Pelletier
Changes: Changed isSupportedCollectionClass to return true for classes implementing list, map, set or collection - Log a warning a class type implementing list, map, set or collection is used on a lazy relation. Since this will result in a descriptorException at loggin if more config isn't provided,
 the warning contains details on why/how to fix it
- changed the wording of the descriptorException that gets thrown when the IndirectCollection implation can't be assigned to the collection type to be more meaningful - Tested that LinkedList collection type works using an eager 1:M relation by changing the testing/models/jpa/advanced/ phonenumbers relation
- warning message was manually tested

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