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[eclipselink-dev] Minutes: EclipseLink Dev Meeting Nov 21 2007

Wayne Beaton, Peter Krogh, Gordon Yorke, Tom Ware, Michael O'Brien, Guy Pelletier, David Twelves, Blaise Doughan, Peter Krogh, Mike Norman, Shaun Smith, Roger Striffler, Neil Hauge, Rick Sapir, & Doug Clarke

Status updates
* M2 Status
* Automated build - Tom W
- Up and running
- The currently checked into SVN needs to be removed

* Automated Testing - Tom W
- Tom working on this. Need to address JDBC driver for MySQL
- Building automatically, just need config parameters.
- cron job running, 10 nightly builds keyp around.
- zip not checked in, but the M1 link represents the latest build.

* Publication of test results - Peter K to begin gathering requirements.
- published links, just not into the svn repository

* Javadocs Proposal - Peter K 
** Full vs partial javadocs (recommend full) 
- We will generate the JavaDocs into a ZIP as part of the nightly build and make it separately available.
- The JavaDocs will also be made available in a fixed location in exploded HTML format for 1.0 and updated regularly until the 1.0 release ships. This will be updated on Milestone builds starting in M2.
- Need to investigate filtering the JavaDocs generated using standard tools (by package)
- Partial instead of full javadocs? no - use full javadocs
- The full version is smaller than a complete javadoc but is more than what is currently shipped.
- Publish on a DL server that the wiki links to but not until we release.
- Possibly use as a location but will require us to wait for the nightly build to regenerate the docs.

* Foundation and JPA Status - Tom W
- working deprecated API removal
* OXM, JAXB, SDO - Blaise D
- bugs for 3 features, functional specs, emails sent out
- SDO deprecated API removal see 209413
- where to put images in docs? use current 1 at a time upload - we need a batch image upload
- for staged docs just put a disclaimer on the page that is is in draft mode
- possibly put images on a cvs server and link to them from the pages

* Documentation Status - Rick S
- is generated on nightly build
- Docs (IE: dali) are not editable without closed source tools
- 60-70 pages or 30 to 40 percent is out there and ready for discussion and editing 
- note some links/photos are broken as part of the automated conversion but are being fixed.
- Need blog traffic on docs later in the process
- What if we setup a doc root in cvs(website) for committers and link to all the images and update at once?
- Wiki will auto version new versions of docs and images.
- Recommendation (Gordon) we switch to open doc format for editing design docs in star office or lotus...
- For presentations publish both PDF and original PPT source for editing.

* ER 200040: New XSD for metadata: Need agreement on goals, benefits, and risks/issues - Guy P.
- Evolving towards public review - everyone must review this and prepare for review next week.
- Up front schema or iterative approach?
- A new moxy feature has been developed to exercise the new schema - bug pending.
- We need moxy to fill in defaults.
- Requirement driven from jaxb are pending that may modify the schema

General Issues
* Packaging of EclipseLink as plugings, Maven, ... - Wayne Beaton
- Wayne (pluggins)
- Higgins is not a pluggin (firefox in c) 
- Components and pluggins are used interchangably.
- More bundles now - changed in 3.0 via OSGI
- Declaritively state dependencies on other components
- Eclipse is actually an SDK not an IDE
- The RCP rich client platform core is language independent (maestro via NASA)
- Further we have equinox which eclipse (and retooled Spring run on) following OSGI.
- We need to produce a bundle for projects that care about OSGI - like Maya (May install)
- Bundles can share eclipselink.  You can declare versions of the jar and setup equinox can manage these versioned dependencies.
- Dependencies can be optional, and declared by one member of a group.
- Jaxb should be in its own bundle - in Orbit (A respository for usefull common things)
- Orbit solves the problem of location for public api dependencies - ie: JAXB - that a lot of other bundles also need.
- Buckminster?
- Team Project? - check out projs from cvs - for team sharing of check outs.
- OSGI can be used as standard jars.
- Create a pluggin for europa to applicable to end users - but they just need the jar file.
- required for bundles
- Pluggin.xml is not required.
- We need to make an equinox bundle that someone can verify.
- The internal state of webtools(J2EE ide) uses derby - eclipseling could have value in the ide in this scenario.

-Pluggin use case:
-- Can we setup our bundle in the eclipse update site so that all dependencies are pulled down and setup (1 of the sum of x bundles).  With /without ide changes. - like junit capability.
- Packaging eclipselink inside dali may be a good route - piggyback on its bundle.

- Identify the shortcomings in OSGI so we can target it and the equinox use case.
- Prob 1: how to do weaving
-- Change the bytecode of a class in the classloader in someone elses' bundle - weaving.

- Future howto:
-- How to build equinox bundle using toplink.

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