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[eclipselink-dev] Problems with while running LRGTestModel ...

I was having difficulty getting clean runs for the LRGTestModel, with failures in the ValidationModel and in the
QueryOptionTestSuite in the FeatureTest Model.

It turns that there are 2 ways to solve the problem:

1) do not run with a security model - i.e. do not have set when running the tests.
    However, in your 'endorsed JRE security library directory' - normally $JRE_HOME/lib/security,
    the original java.policy file needs to be replaced with one that grants AllPermission's:
  grant {

  This is (sorta) how we run things in ADE (well not quite, but close enough - we get default settings
  from OC4J that are equivalent).

2) the above option is not very nice because it depends upon resources outside of the SVN tree, a variation
    of the 'works-for-me' problem. We should change the Wiki documentation for running the tests
    ( to:

    4. Add "-Xmx256m${workspace_loc:eclipselink.core.test}/resource/java.policy.allpermissions"
        to the VM arguments section of the Arguments tab

and check the above java.policy file into to Subversion as:

This does not solve 100% of the problems - in ClearQueryOptionsOnStatementTest, ~ line 104, the code
tries to grab a method from a class (instead of using a PrivilegedAccessHelper) - the code needs to be changed to
(see patch in bug

If no one objects, I'll assign the bug to me and submit my fixes and change the Wiki docs after lunch.

Questions, comments?

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