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[eclipselink-dev] Minutes: EclipseLink Dev Meeting Nov. 14

Blaise Doughan, Kyle Chen, Dave McCann, Gordon Yorke, Rick Barkhouse, Guy Pelletier, Tom Ware, Rick Sapir, Michael O'Brien, David Twelves, Chris Delahunt, Mike Norman, Doug Clarke, Roger Striffler, Neil Hauge

Status updates
- M2 Planning
   * M2 dates and targets - Doug C
       - M2 - Dec 6
       - M3 - Jan 7
       - Regular releases are important
       - All teams should be working from same backlog
   * Automated build - Tom W
       - EclipseLink now builds nightly
- work still required to publish nightly builds on EclipseLink web page
   * Foundation and JPA Status - Tom W
       - working on testing on MySQL
       - available MySQL server at Eclipse
       - deprecation underway
   * OXM, JAXB, SDO - Blaise D
       - SDO is on target to be functionally complete for M2
   * Documentation Status - Rick S
- Initial review has been approved by Eclipse. Have begun cleaning/preparing wiki pages. The EclipseLink User's Guide will be posted (as pages are prepared) here. * ER 200040: New XSD for metadata: Need agreement on goals, benefits, and risks/issues - Guy P. - Functional specification in progress, should be complete late this week * Publishing of internal design/architecture documents to assist committers and contributors in their understanding of Eclipselink - Doug C. - If you know of documents that could be useful to new developers on EclipseLink pass them to Peter Krogh or Doug Clarke

General Issues
- Dev Process
   * Quick Dev Process review - Tom W
* Reminder: EclipseLink bugs should contain detailed information even if bug is also logged in another system * Documented at:
- Utilities Component Sign Off - Doug C
  * Doug will begin process of creating Utilities component
- Document Publication
   * Word Docs can be converted to PDF and attached on wiki
* Concerns were raised about how to deal with Oracle-internal information - Each developer is responsible for ensuring what they publish is appropriate
- Next week's meeting
   * Wayne Beaton will join us
   * Discuss how to better integrate with eclipse(maven, plugins, etc.)
   * Send any ideas you have to Doug Clarke

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