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RE: [eclipselink-dev] eclipselink code transaction for bug fix 209348


A couple of suggestions on this bug and the announcement email. We can discuss these in next week's development meeting if needed.

1. The bug subject "eclipselink not working" is not very descriptive. Maybe something like: "No PersistenceProvider found when multibyte in path to application or persistence.xml".

2. Please use an email subject line that specifies exactly what you are announcing. Maybe something like: "Fix for 209348: No PersistenceProvide found when multibyte in path to application or persistence.xml". That will give all of the relevant details and those interested can easily see what the email is about.

3. It would be great if you could include a link to the bug at the top of the email body making navigating to the bug as easy as possible. 

4. Ensure that the bug contains all relevant details. The email is simply an announcement and should contain only a summary. If you read the bug only you should get all details including info about tests run and test cases added.



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Hi all,

Code reviewed by Andrei Ilitchev
Short description: The bug has been fixed by decoding the URL of the
path to the application containing persistence.xml while building the
full name for persistence unit.
Test: passed all core LRG tests and JPA tests. No new test case added
since it can only be reproduced in multibytes OS. The bug has been
tested manually and it also has been verified by the people who
originated the bug.


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