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[eclipselink-dev] Minutes: 2:00pm EST Meeting Agenda: Wed Oct 31.

It was brought to my attention that putting minutes on the wiki is not very scalable, so minutes will be emailed out, and show up in the dev list archive.  They will begin with word 'Minutes:' in the subject line. 

Attendees: Peter Krogh, Doug C, Blaise, Tom, Michael O, Dave M, Andrei, Mike N, Guy, Gordon, Matt M, Mike, Rick S, Roger, Chris D, Neil H

- Tom W to run meeting next week

*Status updates*
  Status on putting TopLink changes into EclipseLink - Peter K 
    - Post Nov 5th Milestone all checkins tracked by BugZilla
    - Mike N, potentially remove broken functionality
  Build and Installer Status - Tom W 
    - Chron Job being worked on now, mostly ant, shell that kicks it off.
    - Currently attempting to get Junit from Orbit
    - Build Number issue not addressed
      - Will be addressed in Milestone 1
  Download, wiki, www - Doug C 
    - Download page is up 
      - Currently 2 download links - Doug to fix.
      - Link to 1.0M1 page.
  Status on OXM, JAXB, SDO - Dave M 
    - All set for M1
      - Building
      - Documented how to run tests
      - Running tests against eclipseLink Jar
  Documentation Status Update - Rick S. 
    - Posted doc plan
      - CQ opened
  Sign off on packaging/zip name - Doug 
    - installer in the name implies something more than zip.
    - proposed name:
    - potentially change root folder needs to change from '.' to eclipselink.
    - Doug to come up with proposal pre M1
 Update on Testing Status - Chris D and Mike N 
   - No update

*General Issues*

Demo Camps
  - Toronto Nov 22nd
    - Shaun
 - Ottawa Nov 21st 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  - Mike and Tom are interested.
  - what is EclipseLink is
    - Where it came from
    - Demo
 - New York, and Raleigh
Current Dev Process - Tom 
  - Nothing gets in without code review
  - email with changes sent to dev list.
 Common procedure for running both inside/outside eclipse - proposed by mobrien 
  - a few usability issues - depending on how you check out.
    - Sort out for M2
 code coverage in eclipse (IE: EclEmma) - Mike O'Brien 
  - Batchable?
  - Code Coverage - Dev responsibility?
 Goals M2 - Doug and Peter
  - being tracked on wiki, feedback occurring
 Where to put Workbench - Doug
  - Tools is preferred option unless it's against the Charter.
  - If we can't use Tools, Utils is next choice

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