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RE: [eclipselink-dev] 2:00pm EST Meeting Agenda: Wed Oct 31.


Can you add versioning to the build the discussion. I would like each build (automated or manual) to indicate within the necessary files (, Manifest, other locations?) what build it was. I assume a date and possibly time value would be great.

Our milestone builds will simply be a selected one equivalent to sanity builds.


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I am going to try structuring these meetings a little better than I have in the past.  They will be capped at 1 hour, and proposed agendas will be sent out a day earlier to be agreed on by the group.  The time cap means that people who are talking will have a fixed amount of time, and will be cut off if they are going over time.  Lengthy open issues and action items will likely need to be addressed outside of the meeting, and brought back in to discuss outcomes at the next meeting.

I will accept agenda changes until about 11:00am EST Wed.

I propose that the meeting be done in two parts, status updates, and general issues.  The name beside the status update indicate that it is that person's responsibility to give the update.  The general issues will generally be given as a proposal by the person with the name beside it.

Proposed Agenda: Wed Oct 31
Time: 2:00pm EST 
Phone: 1-888-967-2253
Conf ID/Password: 486546/486546

Status updates
 - M1
   - Status on putting TopLink changes into EclipseLink - Peter K
   - Build and Installer Status - Tom W
   - Download, wiki, www - Doug C
   - Status on OXM, JAXB, SDO - Dave M
   - Documentation Status Update - Rick S.
   - Sign off on packaging/zip name - Doug
- Update on Testing Status - Chris D and Mike N

General Issues
 - Current Dev Process - Tom
   - Min Requirements
   - Bugzilla
   - Specs
 - Goals M2 - Doug and Peter
 - Where to put Workbench - Doug
   - Utils Component

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